Color Coding Dot Labels

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Sticker Labels for Color Coding. 1/4" Labels 1/4" Small Colored Dot Stickers Very small dot stickers. These are 1/4" (quarter of an inch) in diameter. They are so small we have to print these on sheets. On the single colors there are 960 colored dots on each sheet. You get 10 sheets.

Labels enable you to color-code and text-code files and folders as a means of identifying … When you view a window in the Cover Flow, Columns, or List view, a large dot filled with the label color …

For this reason, we used Cascade Blue to label the target … a multiplexed coding technology based on the unique optical properties of semiconductor quantum dots. Imaging and spectroscopic …

Color-Coding Dot Stickers Chromalabel offers eleven different colored dot sticker sizes in a dozen different colors to ensure that we have what you need. From laboratories to libraries to everything in between and beyond, these color-coding dot stickers help professionals stay organized and on task.

Removable Color-Coding Labels Make labeling fun and easy with our removable, self-adhesive colored dot stickers. These high-quality removable color-coding labels peel and apply to almost any surface and remove with no residue left over—you can’t go wrong!

Avery Labels | DIY Planner Stickers To color-code a note, just tap it, tap the three-dot "more" button in the bottom corner of the screen, then tap a color from the palette that appears. Another way to organize your Keep notes is to …

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Labels, 3/4" diameter dot, black, pressure sensitive/removable. 1,000/box. Related Items. Dot Color Coding Labels – Permanent. Color Coding Dot Labels, Printer. Customers who bought this item also bought. Construction Paper 76 Lb sulphite. construction paper, 76#. 100% sulphite.

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